Using a Skin Sealant

Ostomy. It’s a term no one really talks about and those who could talk about it choose not to. And yet it’s something we should all know more about.

If it’s time that you need to change out your ostomy supplies and take care of your stoma, whether that’s once a week or once a day, you’re better off making sure you’re taking care of yourself first and foremost and then the supplies. Your health is what matters most here, so focusing on it is what you need to keep in mind. Go slow and do things the right way, and don’t feel like there’s any rush. So when you’re doing these things, you’ve probably noticed your skin can get a little irritated in the process.

You’ll notice that prevention is the best thing you can do, and it’s what you should always have in mind when changing out your pouching system. The best skin protection you can have is the right supplies. In fact, that’s why we so often recommend quality ostomy supplies, because they’re known for having systems that fit extremely well and are comfortable for your needs.

Another thing you can absolutely do for yourself is use a skin sealant, which can be available in a roll on, a wipe, or a spray. These are amazing for allowing the skin barrier to adhere to your stomach far easier, and it allows it to stay on longer. For those who only change their pouching system every 3 or 4 days, it could be worth looking into using a skin sealant since it helps by adding a protective coating on your skin. (This also helps with sensitivity, which is a bonus for using a sealant.) Most contain alcohol, so prepare to feel a burning sensation at first, and make sure it dries completely before putting your system back on your skin. But the good thing is, if you ever struggle with dry or even oily skin, sealants work extremely well to find that perfect balance.

Overall, if you’re ever unsure what you should be doing with your ostomy gear, always think back on sanitation, safety, and comfort. If something is off in those categories, you should seek alternatives. You should never feel uncomfortable or at risk when using a certain brand, so always listen to your body and switch when you think it’s time. Don’t compromise your health for any reason.