Often times, your skin will become irritated if you don’t care for it properly. An example of this is choosing the wrong skin lotion that may be heavy in aromatics for a particular “smell”. Most of the time, these things aren’t meant to be on human skin, yet we do it for the smell for whatever reason. The same goes for cleaning your body with certain products that may be extremely harmful.

Well, skin around your stoma can become irritated as well if you’re not careful. Whenever you’re changing out your ostomy supplies, it’s best to make sure you’re doing the right things to ensure that no irritation occurs. And one of the best things you can do is to clean properly and make sure your supplies fit.

Preventing infection is paramount when worrying about the health of your digestive tract and urinary system, as you don’t want to have to undergo future procedures all because you neglected to do the right things for care. So, proper cleansing and a correctly fitting system are musts.

From there, you’ll want to make sure you’re changing the ostomy supplies out often enough. Too often can mean you’re going through too many supplies, but not often enough means you’re compromising your health. We’d rather you do the first if anything! Also, any time at all you find leakage, you should be changing your system out ASAP. It sucks to stop and do, but this means that the pouch isn’t in place correctly or the adhesive hasn’t sealed properly. If this happens, you’ll just have to empty your bag and change out the systems then and there.

If a leak does happen to occur, your best bet is to change out your system instead of attempting to patch it. Too often we’ve heard of people using tape or something similar to fix a leak, and this will always result in skin irritation and a foul odor. You don’t want either of these things on your normal daily basis, so why attempt to fix something that’s clearly not properly in place with something like tape?

So long as you take ostomy care seriously, you’ll be quite successful in fitting and changing your pouching system on a weekly or biweekly basis. Yes, it can be annoying to learn the basics, but when it means staying comfortable and clean, it’s absolutely worth going through the right steps at first to instill a good routine.