How to Care for your Skin Around your Stoma

Having an ostomy means that you must monitor and care for the area around your stoma.  It’s basically a circle, and the skin that’s there goes directly around the stoma.  Sometimes, there are skin irritants that happen every single day, and the stomal skin is almost in constant contact with the adhesives from the ostomy wafer and flange, not to mention that at some point he stomal skin will be in contact with the output of the stoma.

This is a problem because the potential for is irritation is oftentimes something that happens a lot when you’re not doing this correctly, and it’s not like you can stop wearing this either.  You want to make sure that you take care of this area, for your own personal comfort, and for your own happiness and wellness too. In this, we’ll highlight how to effectively take care of your stoma pouch, to make sure that you have the best and healthiest skin possible.

First, check your ostomy system twice daily., once at least.  You’ll want to visibly check, and you should make sure that you look at the wafer and flange, and make sure that it looks correct. If you notice anything wrong, take it off, and make sure the flange isn’t leaking behind the wafer, since small leaks become big problems, and that can destroy your skin, so make sure that you deal with this immediately.

Next, you’ve got to make the most out of your pouch changes. Most will wear them all the time, but the thing is, you should make sure that you watch the changes of your skin during this time. When you change the ostomy pouch, you’ll notice that the old adhesive can be left behind.  That will damage your skin, so make sure that you do take some time to totally make sure that you have clean skin, and make sure nothing is left behind. You should make sure to get skin cleansing wipes too, and clean it all around there, in order to make sure that the wafer stays in place, and you’ll want to go for an environment that’s clean and dry, since that’ll help.

Stoma powder is something that you should also make sure that you use. If the skin around this does become irritated, weepy, or red, this powder helps the skin heal. If your skin doesn’t, or it starts to get worse, you should always contact your professionally.  You should make sure that you never put this on damaged skin, and always make sure that you listen to your body.

To begin, you apply the stoma powder to dry and clean skin. Never use harsh soaps, or soaps with perfumes. Apply a lighter dusting of this powder o the irritated skin or the redden skin. Brush off the excess powder with a cloth that’s soft and clean.  Dab a skin prep over this, and seal the powder into place.

Don’t use baby powder when you’re using this, since it’s not the same as stoma powder. Baby powder ruins your pouch adhesion, and it doesn’t absorb moisture as well. If you notice no improvement, talk to your healthcare provider, and make sure you keep in the know on this too.

Taking care of your ostomy pouch also involves the area too. It’s very important to make sure that you take some time to fully learn about this.  Doing this right will help save your skin from further irritation, and make you feel better as well.