Six Essential Points for Ileostomy Patients for a Comfortable Life

Ileostomy brings changes, challenges, and a few adjustments in your life. It does not indicate that you cannot spend your days according to your desires. But, you have to be a little more vigilant regarding lifestyle, hygiene routine, diet, and caring habits.

Well, living with ileostomy is not a difficult task. You should know about ostomy care and a few facts, then you can live a happy ileostomy life.

Here are six essential tips for living a comfortable and happy ileostomy life:

1. Keep the Stoma and Skin Around the Stoma Clean

Once you have a stoma in your life, you will have to clean that area as you take a shower for the body. Cleaning and washing the stoma and peristomal skin would be the necessary habits of your life. When your stoma and peristomal skin is healthy and clean, you can live a comfortable and easy ostomy life. You should empty your ostomy pouch when you feel discharge or leakage. You should wash the area with luke-warm water and a medicated soap. Use sanitizers for healthy skin and stoma. Well, you should clean the area four to five times a day, while you should wash it two times a day.

2. Shave the Hair

Shaving the hair from the below part of the stoma would be challenging for many ostomates. However, you have to remove the hair from that area. Many ostomates feel fear while using a razor or trimmer. But, you should not hesitate with the use of trimmer or razor. You can freely use them. But, in case you are scared to use a trimmer or razor, then you can use scissors for the hair. Your skin around the stoma should be hair-free. It would be easy for the attachment of the skin barrier. Well, you can use a removing cream, but if you have sensitive or allergic skin, it is better to quit the idea.

3. Use Filters to Get Rid of Gas

Many ileostomy patients complain about gas accumulation and odor. Well, after the surgery, you can gas flatulence problems. Your bag can fill with the unwanted gas. This is an embarrassing situation for an ostomate. Especially, in gatherings and public places, it can create the worst situations for you. However, you should not worry, like every problem, it has a solution. You can get rid of the gas by the use of gas filters. You can use these filters with the pouching system. These filters will not allow gas to accumulate. It filters out the air and you will not feel embarrassment. Moreover, you should use a medicated spray to get rid of bad odor.

4. Diet for Ileostomy Patients

Ileostomy patients should take care of their diet that way they look after the stoma, peristomal skin, and the supplies. You should not eat the food that can cause problems for your digestive system. Some foods are responsible for the creation of gas, a few are responsible for causing constipation, and some foods leads you to the loose motion. These three are the worst scenarios for an ileostomy patient. Therefore, you should take care of your stomach, intestines, and bowel. You should avoid eating red meat, broccoli, red beans, dry fruits, onion, garlic, pizza, burgers, noodles, oranges, eggplant, pulses, cauliflower, and dairy products. Well, you can eat soft foods like white rice, oranges in case of constipation, green vegetables, fresh fruits, fresh juices, and fish.

5. Be Active

Your ileostomy cannot stop you, your hobbies, and your life. You can live your life according to your wishes, dreams, and ambitions. After the surgery, do not behave like a sick person and lay down on the bed all day. Be active, follow your dreams, and chase your hobbies. You can run, swim, play, gym, or whatever you want in life or you used to do before the ileostomy.

6. Intimate Life and Travelling

Well, your ileostomy cannot halt r change your life or lifestyle. It only brings a few adjustments and changes. Thus, you can have sex in your life. Moreover, you can travel and go where ever you want.