Choosing the Right Supplies for Your Ostomy

Ostomy supplies do not belong to only ostomy pouch and skin barrier. You should feel overwhelmed because there are several accessories available with the main appliances to ease your life. Well, the main parts of the ostomy supplies are bag and skin barriers. These are the things every ostomate needs. However, there are a few more things like ostomy belt, pouch support, adhesive, adhesive remover, paste, skin protector, and deodorant. You will use these accessories when you need them

In this article, we will discuss the necessary ostomy supplies and their use. You can choose according to your stoma and skin requirement. Thus, the necessary items you could need are ostomy bag support products, barrier rings, barrier seals, skincare products, and odor control items.

Why you Need Ostomy Accessories?

Ostomy accessories are not compulsory for every stomate. It only enhances the care for the patient. Therefore, the use depends on once skin and stoma requirement. If your opening and peristomal do not need extra products, you should not buy them. However, some stomas are complicated and skin is allergic; therefore, they need some discreet and secure products. Well, in this case, you should buy and use them.

The ostomy accessories aim to protect the stoma and peristomal skin. They give you a secure and tight seal of the pouch and a healthy and odor-free skin around the opening. You can use these products when you need them. Well, you should use the ostomy supplies when: 

Your pouching system is loose. 

You feel leakage.

You have gas accumulation problems.

Your stomach suffers from diarrhea or constipation.

You are a sports person.

You have an odor problem.

You have retracted stoma.

Your skin barrier is not tight.

You have a peristomal skin disease.

You have a skin allergy.

Or any other stoma or skin problem.

The Different Types of Ostomy Supplies

Before choosing and using the ostomy supplies, you should know their purpose, how they work, and either you need them or not. Well, if you want to know about the ostomy supplies near me, then you can buy from Hollister, Coloplast, and ConvaTec. These are the best and biggest providers. However, for selecting the appropriate ostomy accessories, you should know which type of ostomy you have. Moreover, either your stoma needs them or not. Otherwise, it would be the major challenge for your routine and comfort of life.

Ostomy Pouching System

An ostomy bag or pouch is used to collect the waste either liquid or solid. The human body excretes urine multiple times in a day and feces usually one time a day. In the case of loose motion, a person can discharge the stool more than two times. Thus, the purpose of the ostomy pouching system is to collect it from the opening or stoma. 

The pouching system has two main types. One-piece pouching and two-piece pouching system. Both kinds have a skin barrier and a sack to collect the waste. In the one-piece pouching system, skin barrier and the bag is a one-piece. You cannot separate them. To change the pouch, you will have to remove the entire system and replace it with the new one. While, in the case of a two-piece pouching system, there are two separate things, a pouch, and a skin barrier. You can change the bag without removing the skin barrier. If you have skin allergy or irritation, then you should use a two-piece pouching system.

Ostomy Pouch Support

Ostomy pouch support consists of a stoma belt. If your flanges or wafers are loose, then you should wear a belt to tight the ostomy pouching system. Otherwise, it will create problems for the hole and skin. It can cause leakage of the output and damage the peristomal area.

Skincare Products

Skincare is necessary if your peristomal and stoma are sensitive. For irritated skin, you should use medicated soaps, wipes, and sanitizers. Moreover, you should use a medicated deodorant to get rid of gas odor. 

You can use these supplies according to your skin and stoma requirements. These are not must-to-use items.